South African Fashion Week introduces new partners


Khumalo J

The South African Fashion Week (SAFW)recently took place this September at Hyde park

where new sponsors where introduced to the runway.

SAFW announced Woolworths as one of their newly found lead partner in the runway on the 19th of September, it is one of the highly preferred clothing stores in South Africa and it gives designers an opportunity to design clothes in the retail platform.The new Woolwort’s clothing is set to premiere in a show at Hyde Park Corner.

Not only will the South African Fashion Week partner with Woolworths but one of its old sponsors Nestle AERO, will be working with three new designers and sponsoring the winter collection in 2017. These are South African designers that are promoted by the SAFW, the fashion week makes business and fashion interdependent because it introduces sponsors and also promotes fashion designs.

The fashion Week events are now open to the public from the 28th of this month until the 1st of October at the Hyde Park Corner Court, this will be a trade event for their audience.




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