My News Tweeting Experience

Khumalo J

The theme that my tweets mostly focused on is fashion/fashion news&items


The articles that I have identified are articles that talk about this season’s best items like sunglasses with colored lenses(the picture above) and what to wear this spring/summer(picture below),also included in my tweets the best products to use in SA #beauty&fashion. I chose these articles because they fit the description of my blog.

Photo taken and edited by Khosi Zimu

Most of my tweets did not get responses because I do not have a lot of followers in my Twitter account as it is a new account.As an aspiring fashion blogger I realized how important it is for one to familiarize themselves with Twitter and Facebook because it’s much more easier to publish your articles as they do not always require me to write lengthy stories.

Following more users especially fashion pages or entertainment pages will help my twitter page generate more followers which will help in getting responses in my tweets. Twitter helped in giving me a fashion news sense, It became easier to identify stories of interest and what i should pay more attention to since its summer and readers are more interested in seasonal fashion trends.

As an aspiring journalist i would like to use Twitter more and even link my blog to Twitter, it will make it easy for my Twitter followers to read my blog posts and that way i can also get more readers on my blog.






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