Slaying the red carpet

Khumalo J

The red carpet is a carpet that has been used in formal occasions/events, and for decades it is known for being used by VIP’s and celebrities in their well-known ceremonies. So there is always those celebrities that are famous for always ‘slaying the red carpet’, they can also be classified under ‘slay queens’ which can be explained as anyone that gives people a hard time breathing  because of how beautiful they look.

Photo courtesy of: FASHION POLICENg

Nubian beauty Yemi Alade was among the beautiful women who slayed the MAMA 2016 red carpet at Johannesburg ,as she was one of the hosts alongside the beautiful ‘slay queen’ Bonang Matheba and actress Nomzamo Mbatha.Yemi changed into three beautiful outfits, one of her outfits included a beautiful blue jumpsuit that had a touch of her Nigerian roots.

Photo: Minnie(@minniedlamini)

Minnie Dlamini looked stunning in her black and white outfit at the red carpet photo booth, her look was both simple and sophisticated.Her black and white beaded blazer fitted nicely on her curvaceous body with a black bow.Minnie showed how mini dresses can be stylish as she flaunted her beautiful legs

Photo: @bonang_m

Bonang Matheba (Queen B) is known for dominating the red carpet countless times. She’s South Africa’s well-known ‘slay queen’ and has worn well designed red carpet gowns for years now and she still continues to be the best. The host wore a long black velvet gown, a sleek bob and finished off her look with a red lipstick.

Africa has the most beautiful women who know how to put on the perfect gowns for a red carpet even and the MAMA 2016 proved that!






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