The return of vintage

Khumalo J

Photo: Pinterest.

Vintage clothing has made a serious come back especially this year , from destroyed denim jackets to flare pants and fare coats. it is true when they say ‘If a trend was hot in one decade, its generally only a matter of time before it makes it’s way to our wardrobes again’. The idea of wearing vintage clothing might have sounded a little bit over the unusual before but it makes a perfect fashion statement now.

Vintage clothing has now moved from being sold by local second hand clothing market to being sold in vintage boutiques other retail shops, so there is certainly no doubt that the fashion world loves a good fashion comeback. These days everyone finds it easy to re-create their own trends, it is seen as creativity and having a fashion sense.

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The slideshow above shows different kinds of vintage clothing that has resurrected over the past few years, flared pants&skirt, over-sized colored knitted jerseys, trilby hats and over sized denim jackets..Slideshow images taken from Pinterest and created by Jennifer Khumalo.

Photo courtesy of

For a more 50’s and stylish look there’s also sunglasses that resurrected from the retro look and they sure do complete an outfit just like the good ol’ days. These sunglasses are the most trending accessory this summer.




Make Fashion Your Priority..



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